2. Make a plan to realise your dream!

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Do you know your single most crucial dream?

You know what it is to work on too many projects and lose focus. When making dreams work, the same can happen if you do not focus. Prioritise and go for your favourite. Selecting a few is easy. Choosing one is difficult because you have to say no to many other options.

Design Your Future starts with discovering your most crucial dream and knowing why this dream is so important to you. The dream should be so important to you that you are able and willing to commit to it. Discovering your dream and working out why it is essential to you are vital ingredients. Once satisfied with your answer, you can continue to the next step. You can start designing your future. Your design will be a crucial guideline towards the achievement of your dream.

Take the time to develop your vision. Vision is the business translation of your dream. It helps you explain to others what you are committing to as you pursue your dream. You can take your design one step higher and convert it into a vision document. A vision document will help you in the process of finding more significant commercial dreams.

If you don’t have a plan, you’ll never make dreams work.

During your adventure of realizing your dream, take care of yourself. Make sure you maintain physical, mental, and spiritual vitality. The foundation of this is being able to feed yourself, have a place to live and feel safe.

Dreams differ but are not limited by the circumstances you live in. The Ballpoint pen, Computers, Superglue, and more were developed during World War II. People can make dreams work, even during tough times.

An academic title is not a prerequisite to making dreams work. Look at Steve Jobs or Richard Branson.

Suppose they can make dreams work. What holds you back if new inventions can be realized during a worldwide war?

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Next week – assignments about the above to get you started on your path to Make Dreams Work.



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