11. Start with the end in mind!

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If you don’t know where you’re going, any direction is right!

Do you still know your objective?

Do you remember where your journey started? Do you remember your initial dream?

Have you read the previous blogs? If so, you have been through a pattern of quite analytical assignments. Assignments that become a technical student with social skills.

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With the steps you have gone through, you have already created detail. This can suck you into day-to-day routines. Be aware of everything you do and keep your dream in mind. An excellent way to do that is to make a mood board. A mood board is a page with pictures, text clippings, or a cartoon that envisions your dream. Keep it where you see it a few times a day.

Ask yourself with every decision: “Does this help me realize my dream?” Making dreams work is your goal, independent of what others think or say. Discover the people who believe in you and are capable and willing to help you. Build a support network where you generate energy and receive inspiration.
Use all available support to make your dream work.

Targets help realize dreams.

An excellent exercise somewhere quiet and meditative is to imagine a thread into the future. Next, you imagine a picture of your dream. The thread represents the years ahead. Hang your picture on the line and see it slowly disappear in the future until it becomes vague and blurred. Imagine how it feels to realize your dream and focus on the blurred picture. Now slowly let your picture slide back towards you. Feel, sense what happens. The objective is to discover where on the thread your body tells you: “this is the moment the dream is realized.” Drop the picture and look at an imaginative calendar. Read the year, month, and day. Write it down. Your target has been set!

How are you going to realize this challenge?

From 1990 to 1993, I was responsible for 5 Product Divisions in the Asia Pacific region, 12 countries. After a meeting with my manager, my vision was clear—double the profit in three years. The next question I asked myself was: How will I do this? I spent six weeks travelling the region, meeting with local marketing, sales, and clients. I was taking inventory. The answer after my analysis of all data was simple. I should focus most on the product lines with higher added value, distinguishing our brand in the marketplace. We had hardly any competition in the high-end product segment and were price fighters in the commodity market. There we had to compete with local products with low quality.

It was clear that we had to change. My vision was my guideline for the three years to come. How to realize this vision in three years? These were my three answers:

  • Explain the features and benefits of the high-added-value products in simple language
  • Agree on SMART targets (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed)
  • Spend time facilitating the countries

Remember KISS. Keep It Simple and Short, and make it easy to focus.

The words are so easy to write. The challenges have changed over the years. In life today, the number of distractions has increased. The main culprit is our telephone. To make dreams work, you must make choices. Choices are tricky because you have to say “no” to many other things. It helps if you have focus, consistency, and perseverance.

Believe in yourself, go for it and make it happen!

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I am curious how your exercise went. Please leave your findings in your comment below.


I am curious how your exercise went. Please leave your findings [HERE]




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