"I’m very grateful for this amazing event. After this deep diggnig deeply inside me I can anser questions that I could not in August-September."

Victor Tumanyan

Huge thanks to you too. I am happy to meet you and listen to you. You meant a lot to me and gave me much energy to work with myself and in the right direction. I’m very grateful for this amazing event. After this deep diggnig deeply inside me I can anser questions that I could not in August-September. Wish you stay healthy and with a big smile on your face 🙂

"Going for Summer Acadmy 2022 in Turkey."

Cansu Gür (Tsjansu)

Cansu is preparing for the challenge of organizing the Summer Academy in Turkey. Somewhere in the surroundings of Istanbul.

Erik Rudberg

Hello there, future George! It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you and having the opportunity to learn from you. I have never before taken a break from my hectic daily life to give myself this much time to reflect, think and feel. Simple words cannot describe how meaningful this has felt—giving myself the time to understand myself and time to really develop deeper relationships with everyone who was at the event.

Thank you for really being with us with all of your heart. Hearing you say you were nervous the first day was reassuring. I think all of us were pretty nervous in anticipation of the journey we were about to embark on. I thought it was awesome! I’ve realized most of us are pretty alike, and our problems are human. Everyone has similar issues, but they take different shapes and forms. The presentations surprised me too. I was really quite certain I was going not to feel nervous. But I was, I really was, and it was hard pretending not to be. But it felt powerful, a powerful end to the event.

I want you to look back on this event the same way I will, with content. You’ve made a change. I’m walking away from this event, revitalized and, I think, a better human being. Thank you for being the light that kindled this flame inside of me!

Thank you! I hope we’ll see each other again sometime in the future not too distant!

With great love, Erik Rudberg

Joseph Tschörner

Thank you for making this great achievement we had possible. I can’t even imagine the time, energy, and patience you put into these events to form a chaotic group of individuals with daydreams into a slightly less chaotic group of friends with life dreams.

You definitely did not waste the whole 5 pages and gave us all the room to find our own questions and maybe even answers. Although we were enabled to be the desires of our own future, I will surely find it hard to continue dreaming without you and your creative, inspiring, and calming aura around me. I will miss you as a mentor, motivator, and a mens.

Your energy, joy for what you do, and your humor will always put a smile on my face. I really look up to how much you give to this world and will keep on giving!

“Dank je wel!”

"Soon to be found living in Berlin"

Eva Henckens

Dag George!
Het was me een genoegen mee te doen aan Winter Academy. Ik vind het super mooi dat je dit doet. Je moet weten dat je echt mensen verder helpt. Je hebt me geholpen met wat zaken die ik eigenlijk al wist, maar ik aan het negeren was.
– Nummer 1: dat die faalangst misplaatst is en weg moet.
– Nummer 2: dat ik naar het buitenland moet!

Misschien tot ooit in Eindhoven voor een korte Design My Future, en verwacht maar een fotootje vanuit Berlijn als ik daar woon vanaf komende september (hopelijk)!
Veel geluk.
Eva Henckens

"I understood a lot and realised that it is only the beginning of my path"

Igor Khaributov

First of all, thank you soooo much for this week! I could see how much effort and love you’ve put into this and how much you value what you’re doing! I understood a lot and realized that it was only the beginning of my path.

It was an honor to work with you!
Thank you!

I really appreciated your sense of humor and the way you solve challenges. You’re an example for me in that way.
I hope you’ll follow your dreams the way you tough time, be satisfied with what you’re doing and, surely, be happy.
I hope we can meet somewhere in Europe sometime (you’re very welcome in Russia, just let me know) and discuss (differences and changes) anything we want to. (Or at least do the 16-word exercise).

Best wishes, Igor

Roland Assies

Dear George,
Thank you so much for the past week. I must admit that on the second day, I thought, “what have I got myself into” but that disappeared very quickly. Despite the sensitive subjects, I felt very comfortable thanks to the excellent atmosphere you were able to create. When we discussed the Belbin, I almost had the feeling that you knew me better than I knew myself. Your insights got me thinking. This week and the insights you gave me will stay with me and help me in the future. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. It was touching to see how passionate you were about helping us. I hope you will keep this passion.

Enjoy the ‘free’ weekend
and the excellent coffee,
Roland Assies

Anna Shchokina

Dear George,
I was really happy to have you as our Academic Leader and have your knowledgeable and kind guidance on my way to set my goals and priorities!

The whole experience was very insightful, and I am happy you approached us to partner with different people. So we all got a chance to have different perspectives and just get to know each other better.

I’ve learned that sometimes even the most simple questions at first glance can get you to look deep inside and explore some thoughts you might have hidden even from yourself.

I think this was one of the most resourceful, productive, and motivating weeks of my life, and it could not have been the same without you.

So for every step, I am now closer to my goal. I am thankful to you 🥰What you do is very valuable and important, and it is impressive how you manage to improve 10-15 people every event!

Thank you! And I hope you keep on having this passion and keep on helping people! …
Anna Shchokina

Triinu Sala

Hey George!
Firstly I would like to thank you for the guidance and support during the event. I really loved how open you were with us and were not shy to share your feelings. It means a lot and gave me more confidence.

I am very grateful to you for the exercises and assignments you had us doing – I now have a battle action to reach my goals. So far, I only had ideas, thoughts, and much confusion.

I hope we will see each other soon and I can tell you how I’ve come since Winter Academy. Who knows, maybe this summer if Summer Academy is allowed to be organized in Estonia!

Until then, take care and stay safe! Triinu


Emese Bukovinszky (Emi)

“Hello dearest George! It has been a challenge to organize Winter Academy…
Thank you for helping us from the beginning.”

Emi fell ill due to exhaustion. She worked hard from beginning to end. She always has a smile on her face.

George Begemann

From George to Emi, Domie, Gina, and Soumaya … this event turned out differently than planned. So far, all of the Summer Academies have. That is how it should be. In this way, it follows the flow of the participants with the best guidance of the organizers, who work their a..ses of.

I believe I can speak on behalf of all participants when I write that they all had a great time and went home with good memories. Many said that this was a life-changing event.
This would not have been possible without your: creativity, preparation, fact-finding, planning, and execution—my compliments to you all.

Fishing all participants and organizers a happy life and good use of your plan as a guideline. No more than that. Follow the dots. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

Dominika Dominika (Domi)

Domi, one of the organizers, combined work and running the Winter Academy. Huge thanks to you too.

Georgina Szabó (Gina)

Georgina almost fell ill during Winter Academy. Still, she had enough energy to make airplanes/hearts for everyone. Thank you very much. I am happy to meet you and work with you. You meant a lot to me and all participants. You invested your energy and helped us all make this a great event…

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