About me

My name is GeorgeBegemann, an Academic Leader of ESTIEM Summer Academies (8 sessions) since 2018. I believe you can do what you love most, just like I did. You can also design your future and make dreams work. You can be one of our future leaders by following your passion. This way, you can contribute to a better world, just like I do.

I am a successful leader helping people become successful. Every three years, I was given a new challenge. Time after time, I turned these challenges into a success, leaving behind employees who became leaders. I did million-dollar projects that all turned into gold. After my divorce in 2001, my confidence was dented, and I went on an adventure in Australia. After my return in 2002, I started my own company. I wanted to bring companies to a higher level by helping them with their business planning. I discovered that success has nothing to do with a book shared with people but leaders standing up and walking the talk. I took my time to design my future. My next step was developing personal leadership.

It started with a few people in one-on-one sessions and grew to nature retreats with 6 participants within four years. Eindhoven University asked me as a guest lecturer. Companies asked me to help with mergers and integrations. Leaders asked me to coach them during the first 100 days of their new assignment. I made dreams work, both for others and myself. I followed courses from great coaches like Joseph Jaworski, Tony Robbins, and Dean Graziozi during these years.

During the Corona period, I asked myself, What Next? My business ran dry. I revisited my dreams and asked myself, how do I make them work? I took all my experiences and developed the  Design Your Future program. The ESTIEM Summer Academies were my biggest inspiration. Before Corona, they were called: Make Dreams Work. That is the name of my company now. Now I help you Design Your Future.

Design Your Future takes you through twelve steps that help you Make Dreams work. These twelve steps helped me time and again to design my future and find answers to the question, “What Next?”


Are you looking for a way to design your future and make dreams work? The book takes you on a journey to design your future in short time. Read my free e-book “Design Your Future,” it is inspiring and motivating. Ready to use.