10.3 Make your plan more specific. Summary.

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Are you a Master’s student in Industrial Engineering and Management looking to develop your personal leadership skills and achieve your dreams? Then read on because in this blog, we will help you make a plan that is more specific, effective, and tailored to your goals.

Previously you read about the importance of identifying your dream and the goal you want to achieve. You know about the importance of discovering the answer to the question of “How will I achieve this?” You worked on discovering the priorities and reducing the answers to the three most important answers. Last week, you completed your next step and created a well-crafted vision for your dream.

As we mentioned before, a vision is essentially a business translation of your dream. It takes effort and careful planning to ensure that any audience can easily understand your objective. While your close friends may understand your dream because they know you well, a well-crafted vision allows you to effectively communicate your goals to those who may not know you.

So, how do you create a well-crafted vision? Last week you developed your six steps to achieve this.

Remember, your plan is only the beginning. It is a ticket to ride, but you never know how bumpy the ride is going to be. However, if you stay committed to achieving your dream and keep going, you will stay in the flow and reach your goals.

If you require further assistance, consider ordering a copy of “Design Your Future,” a book that can help you develop your personal leadership skills and achieve your dreams. See you next week.



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