10.2 Make your plan more specific. Assignments.

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Assignment for this week:

Based on the text provided in the blog of last week, develop a personal leadership plan focusing on achieving your dream and creating a well-crafted vision for it.

1. Write down your dream and the goal you want to achieve.
2. Identify the three key answers to the question of “How will I achieve this?” as per the previous exercise.
3. Using the scheme provided, create three rows, with each row representing one of the “how” answers.
4. For each “how” answer, identify three essential steps and prioritize them. This will result in nine answers in total.
5. Reflect on your plan and ensure that it aligns with your personal values and strengths.
6. Develop a well-crafted vision that translates your dream into a business context and allows you to effectively communicate your goals to a broader audience.

Once you have your plan and vision, remember to keep going and stay in the flow. Be prepared for the bumpy ride, but stay committed to achieving your dream.

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