2. Make a plan to realise your dream! Assignments

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Do you know your single most crucial dream?

Assignment 5: Read “Design Your Future”

Objective: To gain insights and inspiration from the book “Design Your Future.”


  1. Obtain a copy of “Design Your Future” by ordering it online.
  2. Read the book carefully, taking notes on key ideas and insights that resonate with you.
  3. Consider how the book’s principles can be applied to your own journey towards making your dream work.
  4. Discuss your thoughts and reflections on the book with classmates, friends, or family members.
  5. Use the book as a resource to guide and motivate you as you pursue your dream.

Design Your Future starts with discovering your most crucial dream and knowing why this dream is so important to you.

If you don’t have a plan, you’ll never make dreams work.

During your adventure of realizing your dream, take care of yourself. Make sure you maintain physical, mental, and spiritual vitality. The foundation of this is being able to feed yourself, have a place to live and feel safe.

Read “Design Your Future,” if you have not done so yet, order your book. Just one click away.

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