9.1 The rule of three

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Less is more!

How do you come up with only three answers to the question “how”?

Getting maximum results requires focusing on the most important variables in a process. The assignment in the previous blog was to reduce the outcome of your brainstorm to three answers to the question: “How are you going to achieve your dream?”

The outcome of much research shows that 80% of results are achieved by 20% of the input. You can use that lesson to spend more time discovering your priorities than just starting to work.

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Your challenge is to keep things simple and understandable. Have you ever heard of ‘the rule of three’? It is the common notion that when seminar participants go home, they remember a maximum of three messages. After the initial memory of three things, only one or two topics can be reproduced after a day. That is why it’s essential to focus on a maximum of three answers to the question, “How are you going to realise your dream?”

When you look at answers to the question ‘Why?’, you will discover that you can divide this list into primary and secondary issues. The challenge is to find the three most important (primary) answers to the question ‘How?’.

A stool needs a minimum of three legs to stand stable 😉

The advantages of this way of working are:

  • you only must remember three answers
  • your listener understands you faster
  • you discover the red thread of your story

This is the way to get to “K.I.S.S.”: Keep It Simple and Short.

Reduce your list of “hows” to three with this new insight.
Try to find one word (max three) that represents your answer.

Many small steps get you a long way. The above can be translated into a number of steps. If you get your priorities right, you can get to your destination in 20 steps rather than 100.

Look at your own life right now. What can you change to get to the top results in less time? What is the effect of interruptions? How can you improve your focus and more?

You can achieve far more than you can imagine. Start by reading “Design Your Future.”


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