9.2 The rule of three. Assignments

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Less is more!

Assignment 1:

1. Reflect on your current goals and brainstorm a list of “hows” to achieve them.
2. Use the 80/20 principle to identify the top 20% of the “hows” that will produce 80% of the results.
3. Further narrow down the list to the three most important “hows” using the rule of three.
4. Find one word (maximum three words) to represent each of the three “hows”.

Assignment 2:

1. Analyze your daily routine and identify any interruptions that prevent you from focusing on your priorities.
2. Come up with three strategies to minimize interruptions and improve focus.
3. Implement these strategies for a week and track your progress.
4. Reflect on the impact of these changes on your productivity and adjust as necessary.

Assignment 3:

1. Choose a long-term goal that you want to achieve.
2. Break it down into smaller, achievable goals that can be accomplished in 20 steps or less.
3. Create a plan of action for each of the smaller goals.
4. Implement the plan and track your progress.
5. Reflect on your progress and adjust your plan as necessary, to stay on track towards achieving your long-term goal.

Bonus Assignment:

1. Read “Design Your Future” and reflect on the insights and strategies presented in the book.
2. Identify at least three key takeaways from the book that you can apply to your life and personal leadership development.
3. Create an action plan for implementing these takeaways in your daily life.
4. Implement the plan and track your progress over time.

Many small steps get you a long way. If you get your priorities right, you can get to your destination in 20 steps rather than 100.

Look at your own life right now. What can you change, save time and maintain fun?

You can achieve far more than you can imagine. Start with reading “Design Your Future.”



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