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Having a dream is not enough!

What do you need to make dreams work?

You can have many dreams and take no action. You continue life, and nothing changes. More dreams are added, and your life turns into a nightmare of events that did not happen. A dream without action is called daydreaming and, in the end, turns into a nightmare. You have nothing if you don’t have a dream and take no action. If you act without having a dream, you are just passing the time. If you want something powerful, you need a dream and take action. How do you approach this?

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Let’s assume the following scenario. You have found your dream, and you understand why you want to achieve it. You are enthusiastic about it and want to share it with one of your friends. What do you think will be the first question she asks? Your friend says: Wow, tremendous! And then he asks, “How are you going to achieve this?”

Find a time and a quiet place. Use it as a start to brainstorm the answers to the question: “how you will achieve your dream?” Write your answers in a small notebook (a journal) and always keep it with you. Whenever an option pops up, write it down.

Please notice when looking at the “Presentation Generator” that there are only three boxes for “How.” You are recommended to look at your brainstorming results a day. Your mindset will be different. The challenge you face is categorizing your results into three main categories. Good luck, and have fun while executing your assignment.

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Next week you can read more; your next step in making dreams work.


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