7. Use more than just your brain to realise your dream! Assignment.

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Your brains are your biggest enemy unless you learn how to use them sensibly.

The following assignments take you along a path from history to the future. A great tool to use for this assignment is your Journal. Have you read my e-book on Journaling yet?

Assignment 1: Reflecting on the Past

Objective: To identify and learn from past experiences to strengthen personal leadership.

1. Take time to review and relive your past experiences.
2. Write down your experiences, both good and bad.
3. Examine both the positive and negative experiences and identify lessons learned from each.
4. Reflect on how those lessons have helped shape who you are today.
5. Consider how you can apply those lessons to improve your personal leadership skills.

Assignment 2: Sensing the Present

Objective: To examine where you stand today and identify areas for personal growth.

1. Take time to be quiet and sense what is happening inside you.
2. Identify your uncertainties and areas where you feel stuck or unsure.
3. Write down your thoughts and feelings.
4. Analyze your current situation and consider what actions you can take to improve your personal leadership.
5. Consider what you have learned from your past experiences and how you can apply those lessons to improve your current situation.

Assignment 3: Planning for the Future

Objective: To create a plan to realize your dream by using insights from the past and present.

1. Imagine where you want to be in the future and what you want to achieve.
2. Consider your past experiences and present situation to identify what steps you need to take to realize your dream.
3. Write down your plan and identify potential obstacles and challenges.
4. Consider how you can overcome these obstacles and develop strategies to stay on track.
5. Continuously revisit and revise your plan as you gain new insights and learnings.

Assignment 4: Being Inspired by Nature

Objective: To explore how nature can inspire personal leadership and growth.

1. Spend time in nature and reflect on its beauty and power.
2. Consider how nature can teach you about leadership and personal growth.
3. Write down your insights and observations.
4. Apply what you have learned from nature to improve your personal leadership skills.
5. Continuously explore how nature can inspire and inform your personal growth and development.


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