7. Use more than just your brain to realise your dream!

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Your brains are your biggest enemy!

What are you going to do to resist distraction?

Your dream arises as a gut feeling. It is an inner voice that whispers your dream. You must find peace and quiet. You need time to relax and stop all the murmur in your head. It’s the only way you can start sensing—the way to open to gut feeling. If you have completed the assignments of the previous weeks, you have discovered what you want, otherwise, take time to go back to the first blog, read, and complete your assignments.

You now know what you want to realise and why. It is essential to let go now. Keep on sensing where you are today, the present. You have completed part of your puzzle. We will now enter the next phase of your design. You are going to use the past, the present, and the future.

Be inspired by nature

In the past lie all your experiences, your life lessons. The present is where you are with all your uncertainties. The future is where you will go; it is where you will realise your dream.

To let go of the past, take time to review, relive and sense it. Find time, space, and solitude. Write down experiences from the past. Examine both the good and the bad. From both sides, you can learn lessons. I have learned the most from bad experiences, mistakes, and near misses.

Sensing: stay quiet inside and sense what pops up and keep on sensing. Take notes and let them go. Sense again. You will learn lessons from your past. And you will sense how you feel now. The present gives you a chance to look at yourself, to examine where you stand and what your uncertainties are.

Somewhere in this process, you will be surprised by the feeling that a lid opens and provides you with insights that help you complete your plan.
You’re ready to let it come, take steps, and make your dream work.
Remember: your current situation is based on your past.
Doing the above task will strengthen the foundation for realising your dream.

Find a quiet place in nature where you won’t be disturbed. Bring a pen and paper. Close your eyes, allow thoughts to come in and let them go again. Write down ideas that inspire or trigger you.

Enjoy your assignment. If you want some help, download your book: “Design Your Future.”

Have fun and be prepared for next week.


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