6. Burst with power once you know your true calling

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Discovering your dream generates energy and drive!

What would you do with unlimited energy?

You want to design your future, and the only one with the right input is you. Nobody knows you better than you yourself. It is a process that requires dedication and discipline. You can do it on your own with the help of my book “Design Your Future.” Much easier is joining a training program, where you share your challenge with likeminded people. If you want to know more, read my book “Design You Future” first.
Did you complete last week’s assignments? if not, use this link, read the article, and complete the assignment. It adds value to this next document.

You have discovered your dream. What is the true reason why this dream is essential to you? Important in a way that it is your true calling. Ask yourself why the chosen dream is so important to you.

You can’t read the solution in a book. You have to undergo this exercise. Preferably with a trusted person sitting close by and opposite you, with a notebook.

Ready to start?

Sit closely facing your facilitator close to you. Let go of thinking. Meditate, if necessary, to get quiet inside your head. Focus solely on your dream. Imagine the result of realizing your dream.
Your buddy sitting across from you has a piece of paper or a page in your journal.
Let’s start:

You speak out loud and clear about what your dream is without hesitation.
Your buddy asks the question: “why is realizing…..[the words of your dream] important to you?”
“Your answer. … … …”
Your buddy summarizes your statement and asks if he has done it correctly. If you agree, your buddy asks you: “why is  …..[answer one] important to you?”
You repeat this sequence at least five times. If your buddy is unsatisfied and does not feel that you are at the core of your purpose, he may continue, but no longer than seven repeats.

During my training program, you work with a buddy. Doing the exercise together makes you grow and deepen the dialogue afterward. You share the same challenge. It is inspiring to see faces change. The expression changes from thinking and contemplating to relief. Energy flow increases. This is how you discover your true purpose. You burst with energy, ready to go!

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