5. One dream is enough!

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Many dreams make it difficult to focus!

How easily are you distracted?

Dreams are fantastic, but how do you focus on just one dream? Choosing is one of the most difficult things in life. Choosing is letting go of all other options for the next period in life. You need to choose one and let go of the other to prevent distraction. You have enough distractions from things that are important and urgent daily. The challenge of pursuing a dream is the fact that a dream is important to you. A dream is in the future and, therefore, can lack urgency. You are caught by the delusion of everyday life.

External influences complicate the discovery and choice of your true dream. These influences make prioritising superfluous. You may have an incredible dream, but what happens when you talk about it with your friends and loved ones? What impact do you experience during these “yes, but” conversations where remarks like: “That is a very nice dream, but where are you going to find the funds?”, “Are you out of your mind?” or “Wow, you have great plans, but these steps are impossible.” What do these remarks do to you? How do they make you feel? What will you do to make your own choices and learn from your mistakes, if any?

You must disregard negative comments and dare to dream.

Make a list including your wildest, most fantastic, or dearest dreams. Include on your list the dreams that your loved ones shot down. Give yourself permission to dream and free yourself from external influences. Look at successful people like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk. They continue to Make Dreams Work.

After my divorce, I went on a leadership retreat in the middle of nowhere. On the last evening, after a group discussion, I was standing alone looking at the full moon when suddenly I felt two hands on the back of my shoulders, and this man said to me: ” You can achieve anything you want.” It was an empowering positive affirmation. During this week in nature, I had the time to let ideas sink in, and only one remained. It was a dream that included other dreams. The whole experience helped me to realise the dream I had shared in the leadership circle. When you come and work with me, I will gladly tell you more about this adventure.

In this example, you read the outcome. During a week in nature, I had time to let ideas sink in, and only one remained. It was a dream that included other dreams. Let’s execute the following assignment.

When you have your list of dreams, it is time to choose. Your challenge is waiting. Here is a simple solution for prioritising. Put your list in front of you. Take a finger from each hand. Put one finger on the first word in your list. Put your second finger on the next word. Ask yourself which you prefer. Answer this question with an open heart. Leave a finger indicating your preference. Move the other finger down to the next word. Ask yourself the same question. In this way, you move down, one finger at a time. Anything above the top finger is irrelevant because the one your finger is on is more important to you than all the others above. I say this here because I asked myself the question, how can this work? And like anything in life: you only understand when you see it through.
In the end, you have one finger indicating your preference. Your dream.

The answer to this question determines the future you are designing. You will need it for assignments later on.  During my live program, you will also work with advanced ways of setting priorities.

(1) Take time to find three words that best represent your chosen dream.
(2)  write down how you explain this dream to your dearest friend.

You can find help in “Design Your Future.” Click here to download your copy.

Have fun, and make sure to read next week’s mail.


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