4. Get in touch with yourself to discover your dream!

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Successful people are mindful and in balance!

What does it take to make dreams work?

You must find silence, get as close to yourself as possible, and listen to your heart. You can keep on thinking and listening to voices in your head, but it won’t get you close to your dream as silence does. Silence in your head, silence in your environment.

Due to too much distraction and time pressure, I found it challenging to identify a single dream that I wanted to go for. I needed time in nature, away from my busy life, daily challenges, and interruptions.  For you, it’s even more difficult with today’s toys and a phone that interrupts and distracts you 24 hours a day.

My luck was that my study results made it easy to get selected by good companies, so I could choose and lay my ‘dream’ on the table. I wanted adventure. At that time, it meant working internationally and living in countries I had never been to. The best offer, financially, was in the Netherlands. The alternative offer paid less, but they offered me my first real job abroad. . I felt that this would be a nice succession to my internships in Australia and the US and help me fulfil my dream of adventure.


Let’s go and use a simple exercise to discover your dream. Go for a walk. Go quiet inside. Grab a piece of paper. Write down all the elements that are important for you in your life. Write down elements you want to avoid or don’t like doing on a different piece of paper. Grab the third paper and write down adventures, relationships, and careers that attract you.

Now see how the three papers match. You shall discover steps in life with many positive and only a few elements you want to avoid. Do the exercise and take a step toward discovering dreams.

Small steps can get you anywhere you want to be if you take them regularly. It requires consistency and focus. A focus on your dot on the horizon. Stick to your plan and filter all the information entering your mind. Find quietness and solitude on a regular basis. Follow your heart with all your senses.

If you want some help, start by reading your book, just one click away.


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