10.1 Make your plan more specific

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Once you start, keep going. Stay in the flow!

What are you going to work on?

If you have read the previous blogs, you will have discovered the dream you want to commit to. You know your goal and why you want to put energy into it. With the previous exercise, you found the answer to the question: How will I achieve this?

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One of the challenges in the previous assignment was taking all your answers and reducing them to the three key answers. Did you manage? If you did not yet, then go back to complete the exercise.

It’s important to note that a vision is essentially a business translation of your dream. It takes more effort and careful planning to ensure that any audience can easily understand your objective. While your close friends may understand your dream because they know you well, a well-crafted vision allows you to effectively communicate your goals to those who may not know you.

The next question to you is: What do I must Io realize the three key challenges? Getting the solutions to the three ‘hows.’

In the scheme, you see three columns. One column each with the answer to the question How? The next step is to ask, for each “How,” what I need to do to make this happen. Also, here discover the three most essential steps and priorities.
When completing this exercise, you’ll have nine answers—three per column.

You’re almost there. Your plan is almost complete. Be aware that it is only the plan. That is a ticket to ride. You never know how bumpy the ride is going to be.

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