.George is an experienced career coach who will help you define your career goals. During three months of coaching sessions, George will be sparring with you after a one-on-one Strategy Session. Together you will discover your next step in life and what is needed to achieve that. With this insight, you set your priorities. This offer includes participation in new services under development.

Your price to win during this challenge

Value: €4,990

Maintain the foundation for personal growth. Discover the power of Journaling. Those few minutes with your Journal enrich your life. Journaling helps you make dreams work.


e-Book: €9.95  –   or
40 points in the competition until April 10th
Value: €19.95

Webinar: The Essence of Make Dreams Work. Learn how to make your dreams come true and make every day count.
George Begemann, the founder of Make Dreams Work, will guide you as you explore the fundamentals of making your dreams come true.

€29.95  –    or 120 points in the competition. You now have three awards!

Value: €95.95



PresGen – Generate your best Presentation ever – helps you prepare a convincing presentation – your best presentation ever, in just five steps. Get the right way of working and thinking. With the presentation generator, you will captivate your audience.

e-Book: €9.95  –    or
80 points in the competition. You now have two awards!
Value: €19.95

George Begemann’s one-on-one online strategy session is the perfect way to help you make the right choices and move forward. During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your current situation, goals, and any questions.

€339  –    or 200 points in the competition. You now have five awards! Two more motivated friends, and you’re a member of the VIP Club!

Value: €995